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Dan Brown Crop

The top 5 imaging challenges—and how AGFA HealthCare is solving them

In an increasingly complex and demanding world for radiologists—one in which the word “burnout” is so common that it’s almost become cliché—healthcare IT companies have the unique responsibility and opportunity to ease radiologists’ burdens by rising to address these momentous challenges.


New president of AGFA HealthCare shares ‘That’s life in flow.’

AGFA HealthCare has been dedicated to Enterprise Imaging since 2010. They were first in the industry to build a platform from the ground up—but recently, they’ve stepped up their game. Momentum in market adoption of the platform approach to enterprise imaging is evident in the company’s growing business agreements, as leading health systems select AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform that creates an Imaging Health Record™ (IHR).


Nuance CMIO Matt Lungren: Radiologist superpowers and future-proofing AI

AI should give radiologists superpowers. That’s the goal and vision of Matt Lungren, MD, MPH, long-time AI researcher and physician-scientist turned chief medical information officer at Nuance Communications.  

Radiology: This Is Enterprise Imaging

Momentum. You feel it when you’ve got it. And when it lags, you’re pushing harder to regain your stride. In radiology, maintaining momentum is core to keeping radiologists, workflow, decision-making and patient care moving forward. An enterprise imaging solution is the orchestrator that’s making it happen.

finding joy again in radiology

Leaving my hospital radiology practice helped me rediscover the joy of medicine

For 20 years, my radiology practice was a large part of my life and my identity.

I was a solo practitioner at a small community hospital in Kansas. It was a lot of work, but I adored the people I worked with and I took pride in being the one to serve friends, family, and other familiar faces from my small-town neighborhood.


Breast center thrives with remote, fellowship-trained radiologists

As the chief of surgery specializing in breast care, I’ve seen firsthand the negative impact the national physician shortage can have on women’s healthespecially in underserved communities. At my community hospital, it’s hard for us to bring in a new doctor, a new nurse, anyone at all. There is just such a shortage of talent right now.


How radiologists can find stability during economic volatility

With the amount of volatility and uncertainty in the U.S. economy, it’s no surprise that even radiologists, who are used to being in high demand, are starting to wonder: How would a recession affect my current employment?


Underdiagnosed and undertreated: How cardiologists and primary care physicians are working together to identify patients with severe aortic stenosis

Aortic stenosis (AS) is one of the most common—and growing—cardiac conditions. In particular, the prevalence of severe AS rises markedly among elderly Americans, affecting an estimated 3.4% of Americans 75 and older.[1]